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format file update

What is an update file and how do I open an update file?

An ISAPI update file is integrated with source code compilation standards used for including recently updated Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) in the content stored in a ISAPI update file intended for a Microsoft IIS Web server. These ISAPI update files are also implemented with data encoding specifications used for saving the data of an ISAPI update file in the UPDATE format. Appended with the .update extension, an ISAPI update file is used by the ISAPI Loader application, which was developed by EggCentric as a program integrated with a set of functionalities that can enable currently running applications to be "hot-swapped" in a Microsoft IIS Web server. The updated Dynamic Link Libraries stored in an ISAPI update file are used to update the Microsoft IIS Web server, and these DLLs are automatically detected and initialized by the ISAPI Loader program. The extension of a DLL in an ISAPI update file is required to be changed to the RUN file extension before the ISAPI Loader application can use the ISAPI update file to update the Microsoft IIS Web server.

Recommended update file download:
EggCentric ISAPI Loader
Detail update file extension information:
File Type: update
File Format: ISAPI Update File
Primary Association: Data Files