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format file uvf

What is an uvf file and how do I open an uvf file?

An uncertain value format file is integrated with plain text formatting specifications developed as extension functionalities to the features of a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. These uncertain value format files are also implemented with text data encoding standards used to save the content stored in an uncertain value format file in the UVF format. The Netica software uses these uncertain value format files to store uncertain data values employed for statistical and numerical research and analysis in industries and subject areas like engineering, construction, business, ecology and medicine among others. The Netica application is classified as Bayesian network development software with a set of integrated functionalities used in organizing, managing and storing uncertain data values in the said industries and subject areas. Affixed with the .uvf extension, the data stored in an uncertain value format file may include text, numerical values, mathematical data, statistical figures and scientific information.

Recommended uvf file download:
Norsys Netica
Detail uvf file extension information:
File Type: uvf
File Format: Uncertain Value Format
Primary Association: Data Files