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format file vbw

What is a vbw file and how do I open a vbw file?

A Visual Basic workspace file is the standard project output file implemented by the Visual Basic software from Microsoft. Source code compilation standards proprietary to Microsoft are integrated into these Visual Basic workspace files, and data encoding specifications also proprietary to Microsoft are implemented into a Visual Basic workspace file to save its content in the VBW file format. The data stored in a Visual Basic workspace file includes reference details associated to other program files and forms integrated into a Visual Basic project. The Visual Basic software is a Microsoft Windows application development program, though development and support for this application has been discontinued by Microsoft, and in its place is now the Microsoft Visual Studio software. Affixed with the .vbw extension, these Visual Basic workspace files are automatically generated by the Visual Basic software, which then associates this file to other program files included in its content as reference data once a Visual Basic user saves the project.

Recommended vbw file download:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Detail vbw file extension information:
File Type: vbw
File Format: Visual Basic Workspace File
Primary Association: Data Files