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format file vmss

What is a vmss file and how do I open a vmss file?

Files with the .vmss extension are called VMware Suspended State Files because they are files that save the suspended state of the virtual machine. The suspended state of the virtual machine refers to the instance when it is temporarily stopped. This file extension has a lot in common with the .vmsd and .vmsn extensions and that is because they are all VMware associated file extensions. The only difference they have is their function with regards to the virtual machine created by VMware. .vmsd files contain the metadata of the snapshots; .vmsn saves the running state of the VM; and the .vmss is for the suspended state of the virtual machine. With this .vmss file extension, it is easy to resume the VM from where it is temporarily stopped. When the VM is suspended, the software automatically saves the suspended state of the VM using the .vmss extension. Suspending virtual machines can help avoid system overload because users can switch from one VM to another.

Recommended vmss file download:
VMware Workstation 9
VMware Workstation 9
Detail vmss file extension information:
File Type: vmss
File Format: VMware Suspended State File
Primary Association: Data Files