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format file vmt

What is a vmt file and how do I open a vmt file?

The .vmt file extension is mainly associated with the Valve's Source engine and stands for Valve Material Type. It refers to Valve Material Files that contain important information needed for Source engine to simulate the surface of an object aurally, physically and visually. These files are used to apply a 2D surface of an object, in other words. The .vmt files contain data about the surface type, texture name, and shading parameters as well as other information. This file extension is used by the Half-Life 2 software, a computer game that uses the Source game engine. But aside from being a Valve Material File extension, it is also another extension associated with VMware. Unlike other file extensions used by this software, this .vmt file extension is used by VMware as a VMware virtual machine configuration file. In other words, it is used to configure the virtual machine created by VMware.

Recommended vmt file download:
Valve Source SDK
Detail vmt file extension information:
File Type: vmt
File Format: Valve Material File
Primary Association: Data Files