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format file vok

What is a vok file and how do I open a vok file?

The .vok file extension is used by files implemented by PocketVok. These files containing the .vok extension are actually a list of words that the software recognizes. This PocketVok software is a program used to train user’s vocabulary and they are usually intended for pocket PC. With this software, users actually do not just learn vocabularies or the meaning of various terms but also other words used in various languages. This is more than just a dictionary because its main goal is to really allow users to train their vocabularies, especially regarding difficult words. In other words, it’s not just a reference like the dictionary; it is a training program. These .vok files can help users learn words they have never encountered before or they are having hard time understanding. These files help in vocabulary building, learning how to use foreign words, etc. Other applications that make use of the .vok file extension is the VTrain Vocabulary Trainer.

Recommended vok file download:
hfrmobile WinVok
Detail vok file extension information:
File Type: vok
File Format: PocketVok Vocabulary File
Primary Association: Data Files