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format file vrd

What is a vrd file and how do I open a vrd file?

The .vrd file extension is used to define report parameters created with the use of Microsoft Visio. Files containing this extension are usually in an XML format. The format is divided into five sections and that includes the description and the title, the column headers and the fields, filters for information selection, record groupings, and information sorting descriptions. In other words, these files inform users about a certain report created by Visio. These files are more exclusive files because only with the use of the Visio Reporting Tool can users open these Visio report definitions. Aside from Microsoft Visio, files with the .vrd extension also have something to do with the Digital Photo application wherein this program is used to manipulate, adjust, and edit photos or images. When a certain image is manipulated and adjusted in terms of their contrast brightness, white balance, etc. they are stored by the application with the use of the .vrd extension.

Recommended vrd file download:
Microsoft Visio 2010
Detail vrd file extension information:
File Type: vrd
File Format: Visio Report Definition File
Primary Association: Data Files