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format file vsv

What is a vsv file and how do I open a vsv file?

The .vsv file extension is mainly associated with Windows Virtual PC and server applications. The files that are created using these applications are all saved into the .vsv format. These files are often deemed as Virtual Machine Saved State File because the state of the virtual machine’s memory is saved using this file extension, thereby the saved state of the virtual machine is called a .vsv file. With these files, saving VM snapshots as well as to revert them back to their exact saved state is possible for users to perform. The users, however, cannot directly open the .vsv files because .vmc files are used to reference them. The file size of .vsv files are known to be similar to the RAM amount allocated for the VM because these files save the latest VM RAM state. In other words, the size of the .vsv files depends upon the RAM size that’s allocated for the VM.

Recommended vsv file download:
Microsoft Virtual Server
Microsoft Windows Virtual PC
Detail vsv file extension information:
File Type: vsv
File Format: Virtual Machine Saved State File
Primary Association: Data Files