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format file vud

What is a vud file and how do I open a vud file?

The .vud file extension is mainly associated with Windows Virtual PC, a program that allows users to run virtual machines on Windows. Files with this extension are known as Virtual Machine Undo Drive File because they are usually used to save whatever changes made to the virtual disk of the virtual machine. These files allow the tracking of created, edited and deleted files using the program. They are called “undo” files because they only exist if there is an enabled “undo disk” as well as because there are actually two “undo” options that these files can provide to the users. One is the discard undo tasks and the commit undo tasks. The discard undo allows users to delete whatever changes made to the virtual hard drive and restore the data last loaded; while the commit undo task allows users to permanently apply the changes that have been made to the virtual hard drive.

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Detail vud file extension information:
File Type: vud
File Format: Virtual Machine Undo Drive File
Primary Association: Data Files