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format file wab

What is a wab file and how do I open a wab file?

The .wab file extension is mainly associated with Microsoft Outlook Express. Files containing this extension are used as address book files; therefore they contain contact information such as names, numbers and email addresses. These files are a great help to users using Microsoft Outlook Express, since this program is used to send and receive emails. With these .wab files, users of Microsoft Outlook Express no longer need to memorize their address book contacts because they are already saved in the program with the .wab file extension. However, these files are not only used for user reference when using this popular email program. They are also used as backup files as users can copy these files into another folder or disk should the need arise. Users can open .wab files with the use of applications such as Microsoft Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Internet Mail and News, Connected WabOut, etc.

Recommended wab file download:
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Windows Contacts
Microsoft Outlook Express
Detail wab file extension information:
File Type: wab
File Format: Windows Address Book
Primary Association: Data Files