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format file wea

What is a wea file and how do I open a wea file?

Files with the .wea extension are mainly used by weather applications namely Autodesk Ecotect and Weather Tool. Autodesk Ecotect is a program used to analyze buildings and determine whether they are energy efficient or not. The .wea files used in this application are known as weather data files that contain information about weather patterns and they are mostly used for the purpose of simulation. Since these files are usually saved in binary format, only Autodesk software can be used to open these files but another application known as the Weather Tool can be used to open these files too. Weather Tool is a program that allows users to analyze and visualize information about the climate. Users can open these files even without the Weather Tool as long as a file conversion is installed in the system that will convert these files into a common format that can be opened by common applications found in the system.

Recommended wea file download:
Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011
Detail wea file extension information:
File Type: wea
File Format: Ecotect Weather File
Primary Association: Data Files