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format file wfm

What is a wfm file and how do I open a wfm file?

There are two common file types associated with the .wfm file extension. First, it is known as Tektronix Waveform Data File because the files that this file extension is attached to are data files created with the use of Tektronix oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. This program allows users to perform electronic circuit and signal voltage tests. The .wfm files created by this program contain information about signals wherein this information can be displayed on the device. These files are helpful for the creation of time versus voltage graphs. The Wavestart software can open these files as well as with the use of Tektronix Windows Oscilloscope WFM Converte, these files can be converted into a different format. The next application using the .wfm file extension is dBase. This is a program that allows users to manage database. The .wfm files created by this software are known as forms and they are used to enter and modify data with the use of the program.

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Tektronix WaveStar
Tektronix Windows Oscilloscope WFM Converter
Detail wfm file extension information:
File Type: wfm
File Format: Tektronix Waveform Data File
Primary Association: Data Files