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format file wid

What is a wid file and how do I open a wid file?

Files using the .wid extension are used by SAP BusinessObjects, an application that allows users to study profits, competitive intelligence and relationships with customers. This application is greatly important to businessmen because it targets the major things that a businessman must learn and apply. The files that are created using this software and the files containing information as well as reports that were analyzed by the software are called .wid files. These files contain business intelligence analysis information; therefore, they are helpful to most businessmen. In addition, this file extension is also used by Visual Studio as widget files. Visual Studio is a popular program used for software development and the widget files that allow the addition of features to the user interface are called .wid files and they mostly contain custom menus that allow users to create and modify the software they are developing. These menus are in the form of drop down lists and dialogues.

Recommended wid file download:
SAP BusinessObjects
Detail wid file extension information:
File Type: wid
File Format: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File
Primary Association: Data Files