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format file xdb

What is a xdb file and how do I open a xdb file?

Files with the .xdb extension are used as Symantec Virus Database Files and PowerDesigner Database Definition Files. As Symantec Virus Database Files, .xdb files are actually virus database files mostly used by the anti-virus software created by Symantec. These files play a lot when it comes to distributing virus definition on the net especially with the discovery of new viruses. A Symantec Antivirus server usually downloads .xdb files so that they can be distributed as .vdb files to client programs. Applications such as Symantec EndPoint Protection 12 and Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition can be used to open these files. This file extension is also associated with the PowerDesigner database and used as files that contain data such as definition and custom files. These files allow the said program to be opened correctly. The Sybase PowerDesigner application can be used to open these files. Other applications associated with the file extension are HyperCD, Norton Anti-virus and Xtext.

Recommended xdb file download:
Symantec EndPoint Protection 12
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
Detail xdb file extension information:
File Type: xdb
File Format: Symantec Virus Database File
Primary Association: Data Files