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format file xem

What is a xem file and how do I open a xem file?

The .xem file extension is implemented by the Sybase Power Designer application. This software is a program used to create enterprise models. With this application, the .xem files are known as extended model definition files that can be saved with the PowerDesigner database and can be used as local hard disk and network drive storage. These files are helpful in the creation of models using the application, but they may be useless if they are modified by the users, which is why they cannot be modified. These .xem files are also used as metered units by certain programs that are known to help offices, businesses and organizations to easily manage their tasks and handle varied incidents, and the main purpose of these applications is to control quality and risks. In these applications, the .xem files are categorized as settings files that usually contain unit and credit information.

Recommended xem file download:
Sybase PowerDesigner
Detail xem file extension information:
File Type: xem
File Format: PowerDesigner Model definition File
Primary Association: Data Files