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format file xfo

What is a xfo file and how do I open a xfo file?

Files using the .xfo extension are actually forms that come in the format of XSL-FO markup language. These are important files because they contain definitions and information about the formatting process of XML data which are used on screen, for printing or other media types. The Digiforms Document Designer can be used to open .xfo files. This software is known as tool for graphic designing and it is mostly used for the creation and maintenance of documents, forms, reports, etc. With the use of this software, users can design templates, input memos, translate forms into a different language, and add images and logos to documents, and a lot more. Aside from that, the 602XML Filler can also be used to opne.xfo files. This application is used for filling out forms whether users fill them out online or offline. The application does not only allow filling out of forms but it is also packed with other features such as saving the file to the user’s hard drive so they can get back to it later, digital signing of forms, converting the forms to PDF files, performing calculations automatically, and a lot more. Offline and online applications can use these .xfo files provided they are compatible applications that support the said files.

Recommended xfo file download:
Metafocus DIGIFORMS Document Designer
Software602 602XML Form Designer or Form Filler
Detail xfo file extension information:
File Type: xfo
File Format: XSL-FO Formatted Form
Primary Association: Data Files