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format file xpg

What is a xpg file and how do I open a xpg file?

The .xpg file extension refers to the individual pages exported using AutoPlay Media Studio project. The said application is a popular application used in creating interactive presentations custom software, auto run menus and multimedia applications. This is the software responsible in producing .xpg files. Whether users select presentation files or custom applications, these .xpg files can be exported as well as they can also be created by simply choosing Page→Organize→Export menus in the AutoPlay Media Studio program. Since these files are mostly exported, they are also known as exported pages. These .xpg file extension mark and signal users whether the file can be accessed only with the Autoplay application or not. Users can only open and run .xpg files on Windows and may require applications such as .xpg file converters and .xpg file editors as well as fixers if they want to open these files on a different operating system like MAC and Linux.

Recommended xpg file download:
Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio
Detail xpg file extension information:
File Type: xpg
File Format: Autoplay Media Studio Exported Page
Primary Association: Data Files