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format file xpj

What is a xpj file and how do I open a xpj file?

The .xpj file extension is implemented by RoboHelp, an application used for help content authoring. The .xpj files used by this application are known as help project files wherein they contain HTML help file references as well as other assets regarding help content. These files are also created and saved using the XML format. Other information the .xpj files contain are search indexes, table of contents as well as navigation information. These files help a lot in help manuals and knowledgebase development for various applications. Also, the .xpj file extension is implemented by certain applications used to manage projects. The .xpj files used by these programs are known as projects created and saved using these applications, and they contribute a lot to designing and tracking projects of individuals where 10000 operations are supported per project. With this, .xpj help make project creation and management using this software very easy and convenient.

Mac OS
Recommended xpj file download:
Adobe RoboHelp 9
Adobe RoboHelp 9
Detail xpj file extension information:
File Type: xpj
File Format: RoboHelp HTML Project File
Primary Association: Data Files