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format file xvct

What is a xvct file and how do I open a xvct file?

The .xvct file extension is used by VISE X software. VISE X is an application that allows users to build installer files for MAC OS. With this software, building installers that are reliable in delivering products to customers is a very easy task. This is why users can save their time and effort because they can focus it on the development of the software alone. Users no longer have to worry about the complex process of writing installer scripts. The .xvct files that this software uses are known as XML project files the software has created. These files refer to the installation file references as well as installation actions. They are reliable when it comes to the export of binary .VCT projects via XML formats. The VISE X software can be used to open these .xvct files but they only run on MAC OS. .xvct file converters and editors are also useful when it comes to opening these files where the VISE X application is not installed.

Mac OS
Recommended xvct file download:
MindVision VISE X
Detail xvct file extension information:
File Type: xvct
File Format: VISE XML Project File
Primary Association: Data Files