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format file zdc

What is a zdc file and how do I open a zdc file?

The ZDC file extension is a data file format associated to a file cataloging tool called CD Catalog Expert. The ZDC file format and CD Catalog Expert were developed by Zero2000. These files are catalog of files created to store file references found on hard drives, CD and DVDs, and other disks. Aside from the list of files, they also contain related user description information for each file. The standard database format for a CD Catalog Expert catalog file is "Default.zdc." The software is used for organizing files, folders, CD/DVDs, Movies, MP3s, hard disks, network drives and various removable disks, etc. The latest edition is CD Catalog Expert Version 9.30.807.11. Key features include single small transferable catalog storage, powerful searching with detailed settings and an adjustable and professional report generator. ZDB files can also be converted to plain text, HTML (table or tree structure), or XML files. A user can also do batch search from a multiple number of ZDB files.

Recommended zdc file download:
Zero2000 CD Catalog Expert
Detail zdc file extension information:
File Type: zdc
File Format: CD Catalog Expert Database File
Primary Association: Data Files