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format file ans

What is an ans file and how do I open an ans file?

The ANS file extension is related to the Microsoft Word Program that allows users to share and create various documents that offer an extensive writing tool and user friendly Microsoft Office Fluent interface. Provided also are formats and layouts that gives easy access to every user. These files also represent a computer art form that was visible during the time of BBS or Bulletin Board System. The BBS is the pioneer in what is now known as World Wide Webb and the Internet. ANSI art as what it is called; it contains sequences that have the ability to color texts with 8 background and 16 foreground colors. ANSI users like artists also use this to create animations which they named ANSImations. It is very much similar to ASCII art but uses a larger set of numbers, letters and symbols. This is sometimes referred as extended ASCII and prevalent in environments of MS-DOS.

Mac OS
Recommended ans file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Bare Bones TextWrangler
Detail ans file extension information:
File Type: ans
File Format: ANSI Text File
Primary Association: Text Files