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format file emlx

What is an emlx file and how do I open an emlx file?

The EMLX file extension is used for a text file implemented and developed by Apple. It is related to Apple Email and used in Apple Mac OS X. Normally stored as a plain text file, EMLX file can also be viewed using any text editor. Apple Mac OS X is an operating system that is Unix-based. Unix is an operating system that is good for multi-user and multitasking. It is used by workstations, mobile devices and various servers. Originally intended for use as a workbench for a programmer, it became known to different users who added other features to the software and shared them with other interested individuals. The email program indicated in Mac OS X operating system was an original created by NeXT for its NeXTMail which is part of the NeXTSTEP operating system. Apple in its desire to uplift features later used it after acquiring NeXT which is the mail application for OS X.

Mac OS
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Apple Mail
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Detail emlx file extension information:
File Type: emlx
File Format: Mail Message
Primary Association: Text Files