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format file fdt

What is a fdt file and how do I open a fdt file?

THe FDT file extension is related to Final Draft 5-7 Template and created by Final Draft Company. This Template is a file from Final Draft software which is a writing tool used by screenwriters in writing scripts for television, movies, commercial, corporate videos and stage plays. This software assigns a computer generated voice to the characters being represented in the script. It also has over 50 television and movie templates that users can choose whenever they create scripts. Another FDT file extension is Lucene Field Data File created by Apache. This is categorized as data file text written in JAVA. It has stored fields that are saved in a search index. These files normally open with Lucene program. FormDocs Template is another type of FDT file developed by FormDocs. It is categorized as Page Layout Files and is used to create structured forms. It may also be in multiple forms which contain text boxes, checkboxes, labels and other page design elements.

Mac OS
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Final Draft
Final Draft
Detail fdt file extension information:
File Type: fdt
File Format: Final Draft 5-7 Template
Primary Association: Text Files