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format file charset

What is a charset file and how do I open a charset file?

CHARSET files, or otherwise known as Character Set Files, are currently used in Mac OS X applications and stored in a folder called Resources. A text editor like Apple TextEdit can be used to change or make revisions in a CHARSET. The TextEdit of Mac OS is a word processor program that can do various tasks. Users can basically create any text document they desire. It has tools that users can use to format documents and Arranging any page layout is quick and easy. The additional versatile features like creating tables, making lists and importing graphics can work well with HTML and also allows users to include music and movie editing on a document. This is done simply by dragging them into documents that every user is working on. Adding descriptions is also allowed and whenever you type in words, a handy check speller monitors what you’re typing and underlines the misspelled words with a red dotted line.

Mac OS
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A text editor, such as TextEdit
Detail charset file extension information:
File Type: charset
File Format: Character Set
Primary Association: Text Files