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format file fbl

What is a fbl file and how do I open a fbl file?

The FBL file extension is used for a Cadfix Command Level Log File created by TranscenData. Categorized as text files, these are files that are generated by CADfix which is a CAD file modification program that is usually created when users run a batch process. CAD is known as Computer Aided Design and used by various architects and engineers in design and planning. CAD has opened a new approach at the way a diagram is perceived and created. What used to be plain and simple drawing has now been given depth and deep appreciation of the concept. Creating a diagram using CAD software is precision and accuracy. Users of CAD can view created design from different angles and perspective. They can see what the design would be in real time and do the necessary design adjustments required to perfect it. CAD has given users a quick and easy way to edit any imperfections in their designs.

Recommended fbl file download:
TranscenData CADfix
Detail fbl file extension information:
File Type: fbl
File Format: CADfix Command Level Log File
Primary Association: Text Files