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format file emulecoll

What is an emulecoll file and how do I open an emulecoll file?

EMULECOLL is a file extension that was created by eMule, and files appended with this file extension are known as eMule Data Files. It is intended as a file sharing program for online users. eMule is peer to peer file sharing application for Microsoft Corporation’s Windows. Peer to peer file sharing or known in internet language as P2P, allows various users of the internet to download any media files like games, music and movies using software that seeks other computers who have that file. Computer users who are connected together through internet in this setup are called as peers. Among software that is identified with this are Napster, Gnutella, Kazaa and BitTorrent. The high popularity of these peer to peer sharing is due to increasing bandwidth of the internet and sophistication of computers. eMule was created as an alternative to the popular eDonkey2000; it uses a credit system that hands out rewards to any users who are frequent uploaders of any files.

Mac OS
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Detail emulecoll file extension information:
File Type: emulecoll
File Format: eMule Data File
Primary Association: Text Files