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format file fdxt

What is a fdxt file and how do I open a fdxt file?

THe FDXT file extension is related to Final Draft 8 Template and developed by Final Draft Incorporated. It is the stored document that contains saved formatting and layout details for a written script. It also can be in the form of multiple documents that uses .FDX file using the same base format. Final Draft is software that allows screenwriters to write scripts to be used for television, movies, commercials, videos, corporate slides, drafts, stage plays, news, presentations and documentaries. It gives writers versatility and creativity in writing. Writers have been seeking a word processor that is capable of formatting scripts that can meet the demand in movies and television. Final Draft has provided the answer for this problem with its more than 50 templates offered to writers. It also allows assignment of a computer generated voice to characters that are part of the script being created by writers. The software also features a CollaboWriter that allows writers to collaborate their script with other people over the web.

Mac OS
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Final Draft
Final Draft
Detail fdxt file extension information:
File Type: fdxt
File Format: Final Draft 8 Template
Primary Association: Text Files