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format file aty

What is an aty file and how do I open an aty file?

An ATY file is also known as an Association Type Placeholder and is relevant to Topicscape. Topicscape is software that gives a template of concept mapping in a 3D scenario. It is more of a Personal Information Manager which focuses on a diagram that is illustrated in drawings which is based on mind mapping. Each diagram can be expressed on different stages and may represent different levels of hierarchy which in turn can be viewed simultaneously and without difficulty. It’s like having to explain details without the use of sentences and at the same time give the user what is exactly his intention through simple creativity in 3D. It can be created through importing files from other mapping applications like MindManager, FreeMind and PersonalBrain with the use of drag and drop menus. It can replicate flying and has a zoom interface that is easily accessible to would be users. ATY file contents can be viewed easily with any text editor.

Recommended aty file download:
3D Topicscape
Detail aty file extension information:
File Type: aty
File Format: Association Type Placeholder
Primary Association: Text Files