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format file cws

What is a cws file and how do I open a cws file?

The CWS file extension is identified with ClarisWorks Template, which was created and released by Apple Incorporated. ClarisWorks was originally created from scratch and then later redesigned to be at par with other Claris Programs. They are also documents which are also known under the extension .CWK due to its close association with other file extensions of AppleWorks combined. The application is further described under several features, namely a terminal program for communications, a database program, a spreadsheet, a painting program, a drawing program and a word processor. All of these were formed under one suite and very much proved its worth to users of this program. Also referred to as the forerunners of the modern Apple products and software, ClarisWork did not last that long and was later dissolved and absorbed back to Apple. The software which was used by AppleWorks under the Claris XTND framework allowed it to open, create and save documents in various available formats.

Mac OS
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Detail cws file extension information:
File Type: cws
File Format: Claris Works Template
Primary Association: Text Files