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format file docz

What is a docz file and how do I open a docz file?

The DOCZ file extension was developed by Hancom Incorporated and is classified as a text file. Hancom Incorporated is a leading software company based in Korea and was established in 1996. It is listed in KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) index, a trading board of Korea Exchange. Hancom Incorporated started with a word processor program called Hangul and is the creator of Hancom Office Suite, a software package that contains a spreadsheet, a word processor and a presentation program. The Operating System used for this program is Windows and its features include edit, create, open and save documents in XML form. It also allows users to create documents from any applications using PDF (Portable Document Format). Hancom is also the creator of Thinkfree Office application which includes the first Web based office online program called Thinkfree Online. Thinkfree Online allows users to calculate, write, note and show through a browser using Ajax and Java Applet technologies.

Mac OS
Recommended docz file download:
Hancom ThinkFree Online
Hancom ThinkFree Online
Detail docz file extension information:
File Type: docz
File Format: ThinkFree Online Note Document
Primary Association: Text Files