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format file dox

What is a dox file and how do I open a dox file?

The DOX file extension is used for a MultiMate Word Processor file created and developed by Softword Systems Incorporated in the early 1980’s. It was intended to be used for IBM PC MS-DOS computers and was written by young programmers who were hired by Wilton L. Jones after winning a contract to develop a word processor for the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. Softword Systems Incorporated was later renamed MultiMate International and was able to develop the core of Word Processing Software and other utilities like printer drivers and file conversion. It also adapted sub-programs to add to its word processing software like list management, grammar and spelling check, print time and outlining by adding visual graphics in its word application which was later on known as MultiMate GraphLink. Other actions done were the rebranding of other developed programs that were added features to MultiMate Word Processor and rewrote the programs’ documentation. MultiMate Word processor was later discontinued when it was bought by another software company named Borland Software Corporation.

Recommended dox file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Detail dox file extension information:
File Type: dox
File Format: MultiMate Document
Primary Association: Text Files