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format file fft

What is a fft file and how do I open a fft file?

The FFT file extension is used for a Final Form Text File developed by IBM. Its purpose is to format any text that is not anymore capable of modification. This applies to both graphics data and text documents. This is also used in fixing the layout of document footers, text, headers and pages. The FFT format was used by IBM DisplayWrite. DisplayWrite is word processor application software that was created for use by IBM PC. The document file used was RFT or Revised Form Text and DCA or Document Content Architecture, in which were the standards for IBM’s mainframe machines. Another application was also released which was considered a much better version than the previous version and termed more powerful with graphics. This version was called DisplayWrite/370 and still used for IBM zSeries mainframe computers. IBM’s DisplayWrite system came out with another version which is a microcomputer based word processing machine that was introduced in 1980 and used diskettes in storing data.

Recommended fft file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Detail fft file extension information:
File Type: fft
File Format: Final Form Text File
Primary Association: Text Files