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format file jis

What is a jis file and how do I open a jis file?

The JIS file extension is implemented for the utility of the JWPce software, particularly for its integrated function of generating Japanese industry standard text files. This means the JWPce program can be used to create text files in the JIS file format that are embedded with Japanese characters and symbols, which also means that these JIS files are integrated with data encoding standards that are used to implement Japanese language support into text files. The JWPce software can also be used to open and edit the content of a JIS file, which is integrated with plain ASCII text formatting specifications that allow the JWPce program to store its Japanese text content in the JIS file format, with the resulting JIS files being appended with the .jis file extension.

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Detail jis file extension information:
File Type: jis
File Format: Japanese Industry Standard Text
Primary Association: Text Files