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format file lbt

What is a lbt file and how do I open a lbt file?

The LBT file extension is used for a FoxPro Label Memo created by Microsoft Corporation. LBT is used by Visual FoxPro and contains textual notes .LBX file. It is a set of tools that is used to create web, desktop and database applications. Visual FoxPro is a data based programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation with Microsoft Windows as its operating system. The platform utilized for Visual FoxPro is X86 and development status is currently in code Maintenance which means its further advancement has been considered as unnecessary due to the belief of its creators that the program’s life has already attained what it wants to reach. It was originally known as xBase, a member of the class of language whose syntax is based on the programming language dBase. VFP (Visual FoxPro) was derived from FoxPro (FoxBASE) which was created by Fox Software in 1984. The word “visual” was added when both Microsoft Corporation and Fox technologies merged in 1992.

Recommended lbt file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail lbt file extension information:
File Type: lbt
File Format: FoxPro Label Memo
Primary Association: Text Files