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format file nwctxt

What is a nwctxt file and how do I open a nwctxt file?

The NWCTXT file extension is used for a NoteWorthy Composer Text File developed by NoteWorthy. It is an application that is dedicated to music notation which is used to create sheet of music. Composers, lyrist and musicians are the ones who typically use this application of which are based primarily on traditional music notation. They normally use graphical symbols to represent actions and timing in sounds and beats combined with rhythm and tempo of the music. Each action may point to a particular musical instrument that needs to play it or an accompaniment of one or more of various instruments. The 1980’s witnessed the emergence of various applications of Scorewriters that were readily offered for musicians but were not that popular or simply ignored which resulted to its slow demise by the year 1990. Only a few remained and dominated the market namely Finale and Sibelius. Basic features of this Scorewriters include edit, print and input music notation with the ability to modify in various degrees of refinement.

Recommended nwctxt file download:
NoteWorthy Composer 2
Detail nwctxt file extension information:
File Type: nwctxt
File Format: NoteWorthy Composer Text File
Primary Association: Text Files