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format file qdl

What is a qdl file and how do I open a qdl file?

A wide variety of Microsoft Windows OS versions can open or execute QDL files, which are program files created using the Cue Description Language. These program files with the QDL extension are essentially software applications designed to run in compatible Microsoft Windows platforms. A user needs to manually double click on a QDL file to initialize it and run the program. The Cue Description Language was formulated to serve as programming code that can develop efficient machine and human readable applications. Quick and easy execution, creation and parsing advantages in the development of program files are also some of the objectives in the creation of the QDL extension and these associated applications that use the Cue Description Language. Files with the QDL extension can be viewed or opened using widely popular text editors like Microsoft Notepad and Microsoft WordPad.

Mac OS
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Edit with a text editor
Edit with a text editor
Detail qdl file extension information:
File Type: qdl
File Format: QDL Program
Primary Association: Text Files