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format file save

What is a save file and how do I open a save file?

Files with the .save extension are temporary files containing data associated with text documents created using the Unix Nano text editing application. These SAVE files are created when this text editing application has limited memory resources at its disposal. These .sae files will also be generated when the program issues a SIGTERM or SIGHUP notification. When these temporary files are created by the Unix Nano application, they are stored in the directory where the text document is also found. The filename of the text document is used as the filename of the newly created temporary file, followed of course by the .save extension. In case the text document being created by the user with the Unix Nano text editing program has yet to be saved, then these SAVE files are still created and given the default filename Nano.with the .save extension. The GNU Nano, a program for Linux OS-based systems, can view and open these SAVE files.

Recommended save file download:
GNU Nano
Detail save file extension information:
File Type: save
File Format: Nano Temporary Save File
Primary Association: Text Files