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format file scriv

What is a scriv file and how do I open a scriv file?

Files in the .scriv format are essentially text documents with a set of formatting and page layout features not found in most text editing applications. These SCRIV text documents are more specifically known as Scrivener documents since these .scriv files can be created, edited/modified and opened or viewed using the Scrivener application, a program generally classified as writing studio software. The Scrivener writing studio software was developed by Literature & Latte to provide writers with a quick and easy way to write scripts, literary pieces such as novels or other academic papers and research materials. Users can create .scriv documents using this program, which also stores in the .scriv file the text content and the outline or structural layout format they implemented into their work. The application also provides a feature for users to easily enter their creative ideas and concepts beside their work, for quicker and more convenient reference. Files in the SCRIV format are mostly useful for writing movie and TV scripts, stage or screen plays and literary novels among other papers, especially academic and research materials. Since the SCRIV format is integrated with XML-based specifications and support, a .scriv file can be stored in a compatible XML format like SCRIVX. Literature & Latte also developed Scrivener in two versions, one for the Mac platform and the other version for Microsoft Windows-based environments, providing users with wider cross compatibility support for sharing their work and collaborating with their colleagues and associates.

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Literature & Latte Scrivener
Literature & Latte Scrivener
Detail scriv file extension information:
File Type: scriv
File Format: Scrivener Document
Primary Association: Text Files