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What is a story file and how do I open a story file?

The storyist software is an application classified as a writing studio program, and it can be used to create files in the .story extension. These STORY files are mainly text documents, since Storyist is essentially a word processing software integrated with functionalities targeting the needs of novelists and script writers. Some of the features integrated into the Storyist program include the ability to conveniently enter plot and chapter details, helpful in guiding users with the development of their work. Files in the .story format can also be used for collaboration between script and story writers, even if some users do not have the Storyist application installed in their systems, because some text editing applications can be used to open and view the content of a STORY file. Opening a .story file using a popular text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad or Microsoft WordPad, may not display the other content details entered into the .story file by users with the Storyist software, such as chapter and plot information, because these features are only found in the Storyist software. However, trying to open STORY files using these text editors will not ruin the content of the files, provided the user does not make any edits or modifications.

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File Type: story
File Format: Storyist Document
Primary Association: Text Files