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format file strings

What is a strings file and how do I open a strings file?

Mac OS X computers use the data stored in files with the .strings extension as reference information whenever the system needs to display alerts and notifications among other messages to the user. These STRINGS files are generally text documents, and its content is comprised of those alerts and notification messages. Since Mac OS X needs to use particular .strings files stored in the system directory when certain errors happen or in specific instances that require the system to send messages and notifications, this means the system needs to know which .strings file contain the appropriate text message to be displayed. This is why each .strings file is associated with a particular error or notification process, specifically because the system should quickly find the correct file, access its content and display it on the screen as an error message or alert notification. Files in the .strings format can be opened and viewed using the Apple Xcode program, among others like the MacroMates TextMate software and Apple TextEdit. There may be other text editors that can open .strings files, because these are generally text documents, though the text editing application should be compatible with Mac OS X, though it is not recommended to try and open these .strings files, because these are used by the system.

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Recommended strings file download:
Apple TextEdit
MacroMates TextMate
Apple Xcode
Detail strings file extension information:
File Type: strings
File Format: Text Strings File
Primary Association: Text Files