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format file sxw

What is a sxw file and how do I open a sxw file?

SXW documents are text output files of the StarOffice Writer program, and these can be referenced by master documents in the SXG format. The StarOffice Writer application has been updated to OpenOffice.Org, and text document output files of this program's current version are now stored in the ODT format, while the SXG format of master documents has been updated to the ODM format. These SXW files contain text documents and embedded images, charts and other digital presentation objects. Text and page layout formatting options are also available in this application. SXG files may contain attachments of SXW documents, and when these master documents reference multiple SXW files attached to it, the application does not consume more resources because the SXG files do not load those SXW documents unto the program, thereby saving OS and RAM resources of the system. The OpenOffice.Org application is available in versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac systems and Linux platforms.

Mac OS
Recommended sxw file download:
Apache OpenOffice
Appache OpenOffice is a free office suite to handle document, spreadsheet, presentation and other office files. It is compatible with all other office files. It opens .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx and other office file types.
Planamesa NeoOffice
Detail sxw file extension information:
File Type: sxw
File Format: StarOffice Writer Document
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.sun.xml.writer, application/x-soffice