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format file tm

What is a tm file and how do I open a tm file?

Files in the .tm format are text documents formatted as structured data by users who created the TM files using the TeXmacs application. The TeXmacs program is word processing software developed by GNU (GNU's Not Unix). The content of these TM documents can consist of images, charts, tables and text with layout and formatting elements. Mathematical equations and formulas may also be included in a file with the .tm extension. The TeXmacs program is also commonly referred to as a graphical text editing application alternative to the LaTeX program. Aside from having support for Linux systems, the TeXmacs program also has versions for Microsoft Windows and Mac systems. XML-based standards are also integrated into these TM files, and even interactive content may be included in a TM text document. Exporting TM documents into the PS, XML, Scheme and PDF file formats is also possible, and this promotes wider cross compatibility support that further enhances groupware collaboration and document sharing between users of different platforms.

Recommended tm file download:
GNU TeXmacs
Detail tm file extension information:
File Type: tm
File Format: TeXmacs Document
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/xhtml+xml