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format file unauth

What is an unauth file and how do I open an unauth file?

The Netegrity SiteMinder application creates text documents saved as files in the .unauth extension and uses these UNAUTH text documents as error message files. Also known as SiteMinder unauthorized message files, these .unauth text documents are referenced by the SiteMinder application when a SiteMinder authentication file with the .fcc extension detects instances where login attempts exceeding the allowable number of login attempts fail. When this happens, the SiteMinder application locates the associated .unauth file, accesses its content and displays it as an error message to notify users that they exceeded the maximum number of allowable login attempts. Since the SiteMinder application only uses the content of these .unauth files as references in these instances, the application is ensured with optimal OS and RAM resources, since this means these UNAUTH files are not loaded unto the program itself. The content of these .unauth files may be viewed using text editing applications like Microsoft Notepad and Microsoft WordPad among other popular text editing software. Also, an FCC authorization file must always be associated with a UNAUTH text file.

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Netegrity SiteMinder
Detail unauth file extension information:
File Type: unauth
File Format: SiteMinder Unauthorized Message File
Primary Association: Text Files