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format file utxt

What is an utxt file and how do I open an utxt file?

The Unicode format is implemented into the content of files with the .utxt extension, and many text editing and word processing applications can be used to create, open and modify the content of these UTXT files. Similar to the TXT format, files in the .utx format are mostly used by developers of applications for the text documents they bundle with the installation CDs or distribution downloads of their applications. These include README files which can also be saved in the UTXT format, and these text documents usually consist of details specific to the associated applications. These details found in such UTXT or TXT files may include application update logs, specific functionalities added to each version update, EULAs (End User License Agreements), and some developers may add recommendations, descriptions of associated software and instructions on how to use the different features integrated into their applications. Microsoft Windows-based systems have a lot of available text editing programs that can be used to create, view and edit the content of these UTXT files, such as Microsoft Notepad and Microsoft WordPad, while Mac users can use any text editing software developed for Mac platforms in order to create and open these UTXT text documents.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Any text editor
Detail utxt file extension information:
File Type: utxt
File Format: Unicode Text File
Primary Association: Text Files