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File extensions start with character 'O'

File Type Category File Format
.oab Microsoft Files Offline Address Book
.oam Adobe Files Adobe Edge Animate Widget File
.oar Compressed Files OpenSimulator Archive
.obb Google Files Android Opaque Binary Blob File
.obd Data Files Office Binder Document
.obj Intel Files Wavefront 3D Object File
.obml Opera Files Opera Mini Saved Web Page
.obw Audio Files Superior Drummer Sounds File
.ocr Text Files FAXGrapper Fax Text File
.ocx Development Files ActiveX Control
.od Data Files Mascopt Graph Request File
.odc Configuration Files Office Data Connection File
.odf Partially Downloaded Files OpenDocument Formula
.odif Text Files Open Document Interchange Format
.odm Text Files OpenDocument Master Document
.odp Document Files OpenDocument Presentation
.ods Spreadsheet Files OpenDocument Spreadsheet
.odt Document Files OpenDocument Text Document
.odx Data Files BizTalk Server Orchestration File
.oeaccount Data Files Windows Mail Account File
.oeb Backup Files Outlook Express Backup Wizard File
.ofc Data Files Open Financial Connectivity File
.ofl Text Files Ots File List
.ofm Data Files OmniForm Form
.oft Data Files Outlook File Template
.ofx Data Files Open Financial Exchange File
.ogg Audio Files Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.old Backup Files Backup File
.olk Data Files Outlook Address Book File
.olk14cate Data Files Outlook Category File
.olk14cont Data Files Outlook Contact File
.olk14even Data Files Outlook Calendar Event File
.olk14grou Data Files Outlook Group File
.olk14mail Data Files Outlook Mail Account File
.olk14mess Data Files Outlook Message File
.olk14msgs Data Files Outlook Email Message Data File
.olk14note Data Files Outlook Note File
.olk14sign Data Files Outlook Signature File
.olk14task Data Files Outlook Task File
.olt Data Files Orbit Downloads List
.omcs Data Files Office Manager Access File
.omg Backup Files OpenMG Audio File
.omp Data Files Office Manager Document Archive
.ond Data Files Lotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File
.one Data Files OneNote Document
.onepkg Backup Files Microsoft OneNote Package File
.onetoc2 Configuration Files Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File
.oo3 Data Files OmniOutliner 3 File
.opd Page Layout Files OmniPage Document
.openbsd Text Files OpenBSD Readme File
.opf Project Files Open Packaging Format File
.ops Configuration Files Office Profile Settings File
.opx Data Files OrgPlus Org Chart
.or2 Data Files Lotus Organizer 2 File
.or3 Data Files IBM Lotus Organizer 97 File
.or4 Data Files IBM Lotus Organizer 97 GS File
.or5 Data Files Lotus Organizer 5 File
.or6 Data Files Lotus Organizer 6 File
.org Data Files Lotus Organizer File
.orig Backup Files Original File
.ort Text Files Rich Text Editor Document
.osx Program Execution Files PowerPC Executable File
.otf Font Files OpenType Font
.otl Data Files NoteTab Outline File
.otln Data Files Opal Outline File
.otp Data Files OpenDocument Presentation Template
.otrkey Digital Video Files OnlineTvRecorder Encoded Video File
.ots Spreadsheet Files OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.ott Text Files OpenDocument Document Template
.ott Text Files OpenOffice Text Template File
.out Data Files Output File
.ova Data Files Open Virtual Appliance
.ovf Data Files Open Virtualization File
.ovpn Configuration Files OpenVPN Configuration File
.oxps Page Layout Files OpenXPS File
.oz Compressed Files Opera Job Management Compressed File