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File extensions start with character 'R'

File Type Category File Format
.r Development Files Rez Source Code File
.r0 Compressed Files WinRAR Compressed Archive
.r00 Compressed Files WinRAR Compressed Archive
.r01 Compressed Files WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
.r02 Compressed Files WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
.r03 Compressed Files WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
.r21 Compressed Files WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
.r30 Compressed Files WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
.rad 3D Graphics Files VRAD Lights File
.ral Data Files WinRail Track Design File
.ram Audio Files Real Audio Metadata File
.rar Compressed Files WinRAR Compressed Archive
.rat Partially Downloaded Files PICS Rating File
.rax Audio Files Real Music Store Audio File
.rbc Backup Files Retrospect Backup Catalog File
.rbt Data Files Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Program
.rbz Game Files SketchUp Plug-in
.rcd Video Files pcAnywhere Recorded Session File
.rcg Data Files Recog Character Recognition Set
.rcx Data Files REDCINE-X Project File
.rda Data Files R Data File
.rdb Data Files N64 ROM Database
.rdx Data Files Reflex Data File
.readme Text Files Readme File
.reb Development Files REBOL Script File
.ref Data Files Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
.reference Data Files Budget In Brief Reference File
.reg Registry Files Registry File
.regtrans-ms Windows System Files Registry Transaction Log File
.rel Data Files Norton Internet Security Log File
.rem Multiple Use Files BlackBerry Encrypted Data File
.req Multiple Use Files SSL Certificate Request File
.res Development Files C++ Complied Resource Script
.resx Development Files .NET Managed Resources File
.ret Data Files BusinessObjects Template
.rez Game Files Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
.rf1 Data Files Retirement Forecast File
.rfa Data Files Revit Family File
.rfd Page Layout Files Recogniform Form Designer File
.rfo Data Files RoboForm Option File
.rft 3D Graphics Files Revit Family Template File
.rge Data Files Entourage File Archive
.rgmc Data Files RootsMagic Genealogy Project File
.rgo Data Files RepliGo File
.rgss2a Archive Files RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
.ris Text Files Research Information Systems Citation File
.rk Compressed Files WinRK File Archive
.rl Data Files R.viewer List File
.rm Digital Video Files Real Media File
.rmd Video Files RED Metadata File
.rmskin Configuration Files Rainmeter Skin File
.rmuf Data Files Alpha Five Runtime License File
.rmvb Digital Video Files RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
.rmx Audio Files RealJukebox Format
.rng Audio Files Nokia Composer Ringtone
.rnq Data Files Renque Model File
.roca Data Files RIB office Compressed Archive
.rod Data Files Actuate Report Object Design File
.rog Data Files Roger 2 Input Data File
.roi Data Files Report Object Instance
.rom Google Files N64 Game ROM File
.rou Data Files Gerber Route File
.rox Data Files Roxio Project File
.roxio Data Files Roxio Project
.rp Data Files Axure RP Project File
.rpa Data Files RIB Project Archive File
.rpd Data Files Roleplay Designer Data File
.rpf Raster Graphics Files Rich Pixel Format File
.rpm Package Files Red Hat Package Manager File
.rpmsg Multiple Use Files Outlook Restricted Permission Message
.rpprj Data Files Axure RP Shared Project File
.rpprj Data Files Reaper Project File
.rpt Data Files Crystal Reports File
.rrt Data Files Rhapzode Resource Template
.rs CAD Files RapidSketch Document
.rsa Multiple Use Files RSA Certificate File
.rsc Data Files Symbian Application Compiled Resource File
.rsp Data Files RSLogix PLC Program File
.rst Text Files reStructuredText File
.rsv Data Files RSView32 Project File
.rsw Data Files R&R SQL Report Writer Report File
.rtd CAD Files Robot Structural Analysis Design File
.rte Compressed Files RTE Encoded File
.rtf Text Files Rich Text Format File
.rtfd Text Files Rich Text Format Directory File
.rtp Data Files Gromacs Residue Topology Parameter File
.rtx Text Files Rich Text Document
.run Executable Files Linux Executable File
.rvdata Data Files RPG Maker VX Data File
.rvid Digital Video Files Snapz Pro X Recorded Video File
.rvt Data Files Revit Project File
.rwg Data Files Random Word Generator Project File
.rwp Web Files RapidWeaver Package
.rws Data Files Retina Wireless Scanner File
.rxdata Data Files RMXP Data File
.rz Compressed Files Rzip Compressed File
.rzb eBook Files Red Zion Book File
.rzk Text Files File Crypt Password File
.rzn Text Files Red Zion Notes File