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File extensions start with character 'B'

File Type Category File Format
.b Basic Files Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File
.b&w Image Files Atari Bitmap Image File
.b1 Compressed Files B1 Compressed Archive
.b4s Audio Files Winamp Playlist File
.b_w Image Files Atari Monochrome Image File
.ba Backup Files Scifer External Header Archive
.backup Backup Files Android Backup File
.bad Definition Files Exchange Badmail File
.bafl Data Files BurnAware File List
.bak Backup Files Backup File
.band Audio Files GarageBand Project File
.bap Audio Files Blaze Audio Wave Information File
.bar Archive Files Age of Empires 3 Data File
.bat Program Execution Files DOS Batch File
.bbb Backup Files BlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup File
.bbl Partially Downloaded Files BibTeX Generated Bibliography File
.bbp CAD Files Bézier Surface file
.bbs Text Files Bulletin Board System Text
.bc Partially Downloaded Files BitComet Partially Downloaded File
.bc! Multiple Use Files BitComet Incomplete File
.bcc Data Files Calendar Creator File
.bcd System Files Windows Boot Configuration Data File
.bci Data Files Belarc Advisor Report File
.bck Backup Files VMX Backup File
.bcm Data Files Business Contact Manager File
.bcmx Configuration Files Business Contact Manager Customization
.bcp Development Files Borland C++ Makefile
.bct Data Files Adobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File
.bdc Data Files Babylon Dictionary File
.bdd Audio Files CARA Sound Radiation Data File
.bdf Font Files Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format
.bdic Data Files Chrome Dictionary File
.bdp Microsoft Files Exchange Diagnostic Message
.bdr Microsoft Files Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File
.bdr Partially Downloaded Files Publisher Borders File
.bean Text Files Bean Rich Text Document
.bf Game Files CryoBF Game Data File
.bf2 Development Files Bidfax 2000 Java SE Platform Integration File
.bfg Game Files Big Fish Games Application File
.bfx Data Files Bitware Fax Document
.bgl Game Files Flight Simulator Scenery File
.bgt Data Files Graphics Accounts Data File
.bi Text Files Binary Byte Sequence File
.bib Text Files BibTeX Bibliography Database
.bidule Audio Files Bidule Layout File
.bif Binary Information Files BioWare Infinity Engine File
.big Game Files Electronic Arts Game Data File
.bik Digital Video Files Bink Video File
.bim Data Files Bytessence InstallMaker Document
.bin Binary Image Files Binary Disc Image
.bin Vector Graphics Files Nero Burning ROM Disk Image File
.biq Game Files Civilization 3 Scenario File
.bk Backup Files FrameMaker Book File
.bkk eBook Files BookBuddi eBook File
.bkn Backup Files WordPerfect Automatic Backup File
.bkp Backup Files Backup File
.bkup Backup Files Backup File
.bkw Font Files FONTEDIT Mirror Image Font Files
.blb Archive Files Blob Data File
.bld Data Files Envisioneer Building Project File
.blend 3D Graphics Files Blender 3D Data File
.blend1 Backup Files Blender Document Backup File
.blf Registry Files CLFS Base Log File
.blg Data Files Windows Binary Performance Log File
.bln Data Files Golden Software Blanking File
.bm2 Raster Graphics Files Subspace Bitmap File
.bmp Raster Graphics Files Bitmap Image File
.bmt Vector Graphics Files Ami Pro Button Image File
.bmz Compressed Files Portal Bonus Map Zip File
.bna Text Files Barna Word Processor Document
.bna Map Files Atlas Terrain Map File
.bnk Bank Files Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
.bnp Digital Video Files Sony Camcorder Video Data File
.boc Text Files EasyWord Big Document
.bok Data Files TestGen Testbank File
.book Page Layout Files FrameMaker Book File
.box Data Files E-mail Mailbox
.bpdx Multiple Use Files Acrobat Batch PDX File
.bpf Page Layout Files Baan ERP Document
.bpl Multiple Use Files AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.brain Data Files PersonalBrain Mind Map File
.brd Data Files EAGLE Circuit Board File
.brsar Audio Files Wii BRSAR Audio Package
.brstm Audio Files BRSTM Audio Stream File
.brw Data Files Calyx Point Borrower File
.bss Raster Graphics Files Resident Evil Background Images File
.btd Document Files Business-in-a-Box Document
.btf Data Files NationsBank Check Images
.btif Data Files NationsBank Check Image File
.btinstall Data Files uTorrent Installer File
.btm Data Files BizTalk Map File
.btm Executable Files 4DOS Batch File
.btn Development Files AutoPlay Media Studio Button File
.btr Database Files Btrieve Database File
.btw Page Layout Files BarTender Label
.bun Audio Files Cakewalk Bundle File
.bup Backup Files DVD IFO Backup File
.bvp Data Files VodaHost BlueVoda Project File
.bwf Audio Files Broadcast Wave File
.bwt Control Files BlindWrite 4 Disk Image
.bww Audio Files Bagpipe Player File
.bxx Configuration Files BS Contact Parameter File
.bz2 Compressed Files Bzip2 Compressed File
.bzabw Text Files Compressed AbiWord Document
.bzip Compressed Files Bzip Compressed Archive